Looking for a tutor?

Looking for a tutor? need some help? ask here

Here’s a great site to find a tutors and to work as a tutor (spam link removed)

we do not allow promotions of sites here. only genuine students posts are allowed

hi @admin . I think that’s more geniene than bunch of ampty word. It’s genien dirrect help. it’s seems to me that it’s the only way of btinging some value in this discourse :thinking:

We just started this forum, we are working on adding stuff to it, its part of project studymaterial.pk dedicated to student. Where they can upload notes or download notes

Yes, but we all will be feeling shame for not exchanging good tutors and opportunities for student. So I’d recommend this - (website hidden, spam links not allowed)- great site for everyone. You can get help with doing your homework. Just improve your knowledge of English or get better in other subjects. It’s a legitimately good site and personally I think it’s the best. Everybody needs to get real about their education.